Client:  With a large property portfolio, this HNW client specialises in heavy refurbs & property conversions. With finance already agreed for the purchase and refurbishment of a semi-commercial property, what should have been a straightforward case quickly escalated into a disaster; when after completion of the purchase the original lender wanted to underwrite the refurbishment element of the loan facility.

Requirement:  Undeterred by the problems at hand; our broker Peter Davies was quick to secure finance in excess of £2 million with Octane to replace the original borrowing with additional funding for the refurbishment.

Facility:  With a facility of just over £2 million secured it was down to the professionalism of the broker & his rapport with the lender to get this case through as a matter of urgency. Determined to keep his promise to the client, our broker successfully got the case completed in just two weeks.

Now that’s impressive!

Broker: Peter Davies