Adviser: Tom Matthews

Purchase price: £1,700,000
Loan: £1,105,000
Arrangement Fee: 1%
Rate: 2.6%
Term: 5 Year, Fixed Rate, Interest Only

My client is a Chinese national in the UK on a Tier 1 Investors Visa. They run a successful company in China and the USA and have recently moved to the UK to expand the company’s interests.

The client wishes to purchase a residential property in the UK due to spending more time in the UK growing their business.
The client’s income is derived internationally in China without the benefit of an internationally recognised accountancy firm.

We facilitated the translation of all Chinese documents to English and were, therefore, able to demonstrate provable income and KYC.
We secured lending of £1,105,000 against a purchase price of £1.7m with an international private bank on a 5-year fixed rate interest only facility.

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