Divorce can be a heart-breaking process to go through. When a couple gets divorced, one of the toughest elements faced may include the financial resolution of dividing a shared property that was purchased together.

A recent client of ours had begun their divorce proceedings. Between the couple, the decision had been made to refinance the residential property they both owned, so one person could buy out the other. This gave the remaining individual more time to find a new home before selling the house.


For our client, affordability of the refinance based solely on income was not enough for the required mortgage. Therefore, a proactive lender needed to be sourced who would take into consideration the client’s assets and cash held in the background.


Butterfield, a specialist finance lender, took a common sense approach to the circumstance and felt comfortable enough to lend despite the income obstacle. Specialist adviser Guy Nyirenda was able to agree with the lender that the client was happy to put aside a pre-agreed sum of cash in case of default on the loan. Butterfield also allowed for rolled up interest payments. This meant the client was not required to make monthly payments and could pay off one lump sum at the end of the term when they sell the property to downsize.


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