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2017 New Year resolutions for your home

by Andrew Montlake on 23rd January 2017

Welcome to 2017; we hope the New Year will bring opportunity and success! For some, the New Year is an opportunity to leave their mistakes behind and start anew, but at Coreco we prefer to remember the negative parts of the year in order to make a specific effort to better ourselves. That’s why it’s time for some New Year resolutions! But it’s not just us in need of a detox, a revamp or a promise to be better – your house needs care too! Here are some suggestions for your 2017 New Year resolutions for your house!

Be healthy (Go Green)

Whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint or trying to keep your air cleaner, we should all be striving for a cleaner world for future generations. The same should be said for your home! Your property is probably the biggest contributor to your carbon footprint, so it’s a great place to start. Whether it’s double-glazing your windows or simply taking showers instead of baths, you can reduce your carbon emissions with both small and large measures. Every bit makes a difference, not just to the environment but also to your electricity bill and – potentially – to the value of your property! You can see what measures you can take to reduce your house’s carbon footprint with our Going Green in your House blog!

Get updated with technology

You’re not still using that old phone from five years ago, are you? It’s time for an upgrade to make your life easier and so you won’t have to keep relying on your friends’ phones to use their apps. And that’s just a five-year-old phone. Imagine how your fridge or shower feels? They’ve been there for God-knows-how-long without an upgrade. Perhaps this year is the right time? Your house could get started on transforming itself into a smart home or, if that’s a little out of budget (or you are already smart-housed), you can start looking to the future of smart houses to plan for future purchases!

Revamp inside and out

You’re beautiful, obviously; we’re not questioning that. But if you feel like looking a little different for 2017, then the start of the new year is a perfect time for it. Or, once you’ve looked back on your year, is there anything you feel like you shouldn’t do anymore? Anything about yourself that you wish was different? Your house might be thinking the same thing about itself. Maybe it’s time to revamp your property into the home you’ve always dreamed of! Whether it’s redesigning your entrance to make it more inviting or making the best out of a small space, we’ve got some ideas that you might like for both inside and out.

Spend more time with friends

There have been a good few series on TV this year haven’t there? Netflix is the greatest threat to your social life, but no more! Well, maybe a little bit more, but this year it’s time to meet your friends more often. Your house would also like to have company, so why not bring them to your place? Perhaps you could have a barbeque (when it isn’t very, very cold)? If you’re in an apartment with a balcony, though, you might want to check the rules on that one. Luckily, we have most of the answers you need on our blog about balcony barbeques!

Groom and Clean up

Have you had a few comments about that long stubble or – we shudder to think – a moustache? It’s not succumbing to peer pressure, it’s just a bit of grooming. The same goes for your house – isn’t it time you did some basic tidying up to make it less scruffy?

If the house is in need of a little grooming, we’ve got just the thing for you. Why not check out our blog on growing value in your home with a garden? This blog can not only give you some ideas on how to revamp your garden and develop your green thumb but also advises on what garden features have the best impact on the value of your property. Alternatively, rather than optional grooming, you might be in need of necessary cleaning (just a maybe – no assumptions made). There are some tricky cleaning jobs out there, though, and rather than getting revoltingly filthy or exhausted with tiring/disgusting cleaning jobs, you might find some helpful advice in our guide to the worst household chores.

Have more personal time

And finally, one we can all relate to is making more time to sit back and unwind with some ‘you’ time. Having some privacy is essential to a long, happy relationship, which is just the kind of reasoning you need to justify your new Man Cave or She Shed. While they don’t necessarily add a huge amount of value to your property, they are a great personal space to do the things you like without invading the rest of the house (or vice versa). If you’re planning a man cave, we even have some design ideas you might be interested in.

Don’t worry, your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/pets/boss won’t mind if you ignore them for a bit to spend time by yourself (NOTE: Coreco take no responsibility for repercussions resulting from the neglect of loved ones).

We hope you manage to uphold your resolutions this year – let’s try to make it to Valentine’s Day at least, OK? From all of us at Coreco, we wish you a Happy New Year and a great 2017!



Written by Andrew Montlake

Managing Director

Andrew Montlake is more than a traditional MD, he is our very own brand guru, who knows everything there is to know about Coreco – so he’s our go-to guy when the media ask what we’ve been up to. As such, he is regularly quoted in the media with appearances on BBC and SKY TV as well as National and local Radio. It also surprises many to discover he’s actually a closet rock star, singing in Rogue Monkey when he’s not working at the coal face for clients like you.

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