Luxury Asset Finance

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If you need quick access to funds and your money is tied up, luxury asset funding might offer a solution. By securing a loan against fine art, watches, classic cars or other luxury items, we can help you secure short-term funding. What we can offer:-

  • Access to exclusive luxury asset finance providers with the best rates
  • Loans provided in as little as 24 hours - for up to 12 months
  • Access to immediate funding without having to liquidate your assets
  • Free, friendly one-hour consultation and no-obligation quote 
  • Best bridging broker, highly commended (British Mortgage Awards)
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What is luxury asset finance?

Between 2007 and 2017, it is estimated that the value of luxury assets has risen by 171%, making them a better option than ever for freeing up short-term funds if required. Certain assets such as 1960s Ferraris and post-war art have been at the forefront of this astonishing increase.

Luxury asset bridging allows you to raise liquidity outside of a traditional portfolio. Loans can be secured on luxury assets such as jewellery and diamonds, luxury cars, handbags and watches, fine art and antiques, fine wines and precious metals such as gold.

Secure a loan against your luxury assets

High net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs who are in possession of these luxury assets can borrow against these items quickly and securely. If your liquidity is trapped in these high-value luxury assets, Coreco’s brokers can help you obtain a luxury asset loan.

If, for example, an opportunity to purchase a property arises and you don’t have immediate funds available, Coreco Commercial can help you secure funds using these luxury assets, such as Cartier jewellery or a Rolex watch collection.

Award-winning brokers

Coreco’s short-term lending brokers have been highly commended in the British Mortgage Awards, so we’ll be sure to find the short-term lending product that’s right for you. In certain circumstances, you might want access to funding immediately but don’t want to liquidate your assets.

Whether you don’t want to sell or simply don’t have time to do so, Coreco’s Specialist Finance brokers can ensure there is no need. Our brokers can help you get a fast short-term loan against one or more of your luxurious possessions. Loans of this nature can extend to up to 12 months and could be provided in as little as 24 hours.


Choosing Coreco for your luxury asset financing needs

While some lenders will require physical security of the piece or collection, some will allow individuals to keep possession of the asset throughout the duration of the loan.

At Coreco, we have access to exclusive providers of this type of financing to ensure you get the most accurate specialist valuation on your belongings while benefiting from the best financing rates the lenders offer.